Become an Awareness Warriors today to help reduce plastic consumption in your community

What is an   Awareness Warrior? 

Take action and join the movement to reduce your plastic consumption. Supporters of the NO AWAY campaign seek not only to spread the word but also work and learn with your families, friends and communities to push this movement to new possibilities. If you would like to become an Awareness Warrior, contact

1. For Individual or small groups

If you’re ready to tackle the plastic problem, check out the Easy Steps page and discover easy ways to reduce your plastic footprint.

·       Ask yourself, how can I help?

·       Understand what the problem is

·       Take steps to a more plastic free life

2. Engage on your own

If you’re ready to make your part of world a better place, email NoAWAY and we’ll send you materials to share with your circle.

·       Speak with friends and family about NOAWAY

·       Become a Spokesperson for NOAWAY

·       Have others join!

3. Community Engagement

Go out and speak to your community or if in travel distance have No AWAY come talk to your group about what you can do as a community!

·       Have Shannon come and talk and do an upcycling activity!

·       Share resources

·       Help your community towards a more plastic free future



NO AWAY is always happy to meet new people and help spread the awareness about plastic consumption. 

If too far to travel NoAWAY is happy to send materials and files to an Awareness Warrior to speak about NoAWAY.

Previous engagements have been with:

·       Waite House Community Center

·       Girl Scot Troupe

·       Shepherd University SEO Club

·       Maywoods Family Day

·       Eastern Kentucky University Earth Day

·       Bourbon County High School   

·       Various middle and high school in Kentucky